Answering Aunt Edna

What are the Benefits of Natural Gas?

Aunt Edna has heard about the increased use of natural gas in the United States. As natural gas becomes a big topic of discussion, Aunt Edna has been wondering – what are the benefits of using natural gas?

Why is natural gas good for the environment?

  • Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, so increasing the use of natural gas for electricity generation has led to a significant decline in CO2 emissions. In 2016, energy-related CO2 emissions were 14 percent lower than levels a decade ago, while the GDP increased by 1.6 percent that year.
  • Natural gas provides reliable backup power for renewable sources like solar and wind, so we can power our homes even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Put simply, natural gas enables renewable energy.

Why is natural gas good for the economy?

  • Natural gas creates jobs and supports the U.S. economy. Used as a raw material in a variety of industries such as food processing, chemical products and plastics, affordable and accessible natural gas has been credited with contributing to a resurgence in domestic manufacturing.
  • Because of abundant natural gas, Chevron Phillips Chemical is investing $6 billion in the U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemicals Project, generating approximately 400 permanent jobs and 10,000 construction jobs. The company produces a variety of products from natural gas that are used to lighten the weight of vehicles and increase fuel mileage, and their flexible film packaging products are specifically designed to reduce food waste.
  • Natural gas is also key to strengthening U.S. energy security. The United States now produces almost as much natural gas as we consume annually. With the demand for natural gas projected to grow 40 percent in the next decade, growth in natural gas production will help ensure we continue to meet our energy needs.

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