Policymakers are Driving Up California’s Gas Prices

Government Fees

You pay over $1 per gallon in California taxes, fees, and costs associated with greenhouse gas emission reduction programs every time you fill up. Other states average $0.32 per gallon.

Foreign Oil Reliance

California’s lawmakers and regulators are limiting in-state oil and gas production. This not only kills jobs in the state, but California now imports over 70% of its oil from out of state, adding volatility to the fuels market.

More People, Fewer Fuel Producers

Anti-energy policies have contributed to many fuel producers leaving California. The state has 1/3 of the refineries that it had in 1982. Meanwhile, California’s population has grown by over 60%, leaving the state susceptible to higher prices when fuel supplied by the state’s refineries is insufficient to meet demand.

Now You CAN Be Heard

California politicians attack energy companies for fuel prices you pay at the pump but have themselves to blame for making our prices among the highest in the nation. 

California citizens – Send a letter to your state representatives asking for their support of energy policies that can decrease fuel prices. 

By participating in this campaign, you will be registered for the Chevron Advocacy Network.

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