Speak out against EPA proposed standards potentially banning gasoline and diesel vehicle sales

On April 12, the EPA proposed stringent new greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollution standards for cars and trucks. If made final, the proposed standards are a step toward a nationwide ban on gasoline and diesel vehicle sales.

Chevron supports policies that are cost-effective and take a technology-inclusive, all-of-the-above approach to carbon reduction. Chevron supports the goals of GHG reduction emission standard programs and economy-wide carbon policy that create a level playing field for all technologies that can provide affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy.

Chevron does not support the proposed EPA’s tailpipe standard regulations as they do not encourage all affordable and effective alternatives to compete in the marketplace. Below are a few of the concerns Chevron has with the proposals.

  • Limits consumer choice and increases cost: The proposals may limit choices and increase costs for consumers, including those in economically disadvantaged groups.
  • Potentially affects U.S. energy security and use of biofuels: These proposals do not address the potential for biofuel to be used to create energy security benefits.
  • Potentially provides a too optimistic forecast for EV Sales: Projected EV sales rates may be optimistic and may overstate the benefits of the proposals.
  • Provides no incentives for existing vehicles to reduce GHG emissions: This is a missed opportunity to accelerate GHG reduction in the early years of the program.
  • Fails to consider electric vehicles are not zero emissions: The proposals are focused on tailpipe GHG emissions rather than life cycle emissions. Therefore, upstream GHG emissions for fuel, vehicle manufacturing, and electricity generation are not included in the analysis.

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