Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Lease Sales 259 and 261

In support of continued offshore leasing, we encourage you to submit a comment on the Gulf of Mexico Lease Sales 259 and 261 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). GOM Lease Sales 259 and 261 will be held in March 2023 and September 2023, respectively, in accordance with the Inflation Reduction Act. The U.S. Department of the Interior has prepared the Draft SEIS to assess potential environmental impacts associated with execution of these sales. 

A simple message of support for continued offshore leasing in response to this comment opportunity will ensure that your voice is heard by Department of the Interior on this important issue. Industry operations in the Gulf of Mexico release less than half of the emissions per barrel compared with other major basins globally, according to data from the International Energy Agency, McKinsey Energy Insights, and Stanford University. Operators in the Gulf of Mexico also adhere to strict environmental and safety rules.

Shifting away from Gulf of Mexico oil and gas production not only sacrifices jobs, federal revenue, and affordable, reliable, domestically produced energy, but it would also allow for more carbon-intensive operations around the world to fill the gap in supply. This is why it’s critical that we enable Gulf of Mexico production during the energy transition.

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