Speak Out in Support of Offshore Energy Leasing

Now is the time to have your voice heard by submitting your public comment. Let the Department of the Interior know why resuming lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico is so important!

Click here to read more about the potential economic consequences of delaying the 5-year program for leasing in the Gulf of Mexico.

We encourage you to customize your letter to make it personal, and say why Offshore Energy Leasing is important to you.

Any personal identifiable information will only be used for Chevron Advocacy Network purposes to register new users to the CAN program.

Do not submit personally identifiable information in the body of your comment. Any information (eg. address, phone number) you provide in the body of your comment may be publicly disclosed and searchable on the Internet and in a paper docket and will be provided to the Department or Agency issuing the notice. Please see the Privacy Notice and User Notice regarding comment submission. By submitting a comment you agree to the terms of participation and privacy notice.

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