Community Guidelines

Listed below are recommended social media guidelines to follow that will help us maintain a thoughtful and respectful environment.

We support the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the various social media channels and we expect visitors to this site to do the same.

We encourage an open and lively conversation with a few simple rules:

  • We reserve the right to address factual errors.
  • We will reply to comments when appropriate.
  • If we disagree with other opinions, we will do so respectfully.
  • You may not post anything that is spam or that is abusive, profane, or defamatory toward a person, entity, belief, or symbol.
  • We will delete any posts that contain personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses when that information does not belong to the author of the post.
  • While we support lively, open discussion, we reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion.

We look forward to the conversation.

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