How is water used in the energy industry?

How does Chevron uses water in its own operations? Does Chevron do anything to reduce water use?

What impact does hydraulic fracturing have on water supplies?

In 2015, the EPA published a draft assessment report that failed to find evidence of “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States” due to fracking.

When Bad Weather Has Struck, Natural Gas Has Been Completely Reliable

9/11/2018 | Washington Examiner— Last year, the United States experienced a series of catastrophic weather events that challenged the durability and resilience of regional power grids. These put to the test the different energy sources we rely on to power American homes and businesses. First, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast in much of Texas and western Louisiana. Then Hurricane Irma

Groundwater Protection

How do you ensure that drinking water is protected during fracking?