Together We CAN Forum 2023

The Chevron Advocacy Network hosted its largest employee event ever on April 11. More than 600 employees joined us in Houston and virtually worldwide to hear from Al Williams and Texas Congressman Randy Weber about the important role of advocacy and the power of employees’ voices to advance our energy future.

CA Windfall Profits Penalty: Have your voice heard

The California Senate proposed Senate Bill X1-2, which called for an undisclosed maximum gross gasoline refining margin on California refiners. The bill could result in further strains on the supply chain that could ultimately trigger gasoline price spikes and give regulators control over refinery turnaround times.

Texas Energy Day 2023

On March 7, more than 100 Chevron employees convened in Austin, TX to hear from state leaders and visit with elected officials during Texas Energy Day. In total, over 500 proud oil and gas workers from companies across Texas came together to reinforce the importance of the state’s energy industry.

Energy Prices, Advocacy Training, Elections and More

Rising energy costs have posed hardships for so many Americans, from higher prices at the pump to increased rates for natural gas, heating, and electricity. Global demand has been rebounding since the start of the pandemic and the supply of crude to meet that increased demand has been tight. Global conflicts have also compounded that tight supply. We want to make sure you have the facts when asked about the role both Chevron and the energy industry at large are playing as these rapidly changing events unfold.

Tax Facts One-Pager

The U.S. tax code is complex, but at its core is a framework providing all companies – regardless of economic sector – a level playing field that incentivizes them to invest, build, and expand their business to support local job growth.

Get The Tax Facts

With recent proposals to raises taxes on our industry currently circulating in Congress, it is important members of the Chevron Advocacy Network are up to date on how this could impact Chevron, our industry and our economic future.

The Federal Leasing Moratorium: What We Know

Recently, two executive actions were issued that are directly relevant to energy development on federal lands, Secretarial Order 3395 and Executive Order (Sec 208). Read more, to find out how these executive actions impact Chevron and our industry.

Chevron Advocacy Network Newsletter - February 2021

Last year, the Chevron Advocacy Network (CAN) made the important decision to transform our “Aunt Edna” blog series to reflect the modern communications landscape and launched Together We CAN. Through this new platform, we created a space where all employees are encouraged to join the conversation about the importance of American energy and ask questions about how Chevron is adapting to the increased demand for reliable, affordable, and ever-cleaner energy.