Why don’t natural gas operators pay their fair share?

The Pennsylvania governor’s race will heat up between now and November, and one of the candidates keeps talking about a severance tax. Aunt Edna asks you, “why don’t natural gas operators pay their fair share?” Here’s how to set the record straight.

How is the industry regulated?

Aunt Edna may be hearing a lot about regulations these days and wondering what this means for the oil and natural gas industry. Do recent actions at the federal level to reassess regulations and regulatory agencies signal the end of oversight for oil and natural gas activities?

Voters Rejected Most Ballot Measures Aimed at Curbing Climate Change

11/7/2018 | The Washington Post— From Arizona to Colorado, voters reject measures to ramp up renewables and limit drilling. In Arizona, voters said no to accelerating the shift to renewable energy. In Colorado, they said no to an effort to sharply limit drilling on non-federal land. And a measure to make Washington the first state to tax carbon emissions appears to have fallen short.

Local Control

What is local control and what impact does it have on our industry?