Aunt Edna

A recurring series that is designed to help CAN members answer tough questions from their friends, family and neighbors.

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Natural Gas & The Grid

Where does the natural gas we use come from? How does natural gas get to consumers?

How is the industry regulated?

Aunt Edna may be hearing a lot about regulations these days and wondering what this means for the oil and natural gas industry. Do recent actions at the federal level to reassess regulations and regulatory agencies signal the end of oversight for oil and natural gas activities?

What impact does hydraulic fracturing have on water supplies?

In 2015, the EPA published a draft assessment report that failed to find evidence of “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States” due to fracking.

Pipeline Safety

Why do we need pipelines? Are they safe?

Local Control

What is local control and what impact does it have on our industry?

Which chemicals are being used in the hydraulic fracturing process and why?

To help in this discussion, we developed an infographic that names some of the commonly used chemicals, explains their role in the fracking process, and lists other places you might find these chemicals in everyday life.

Why Fracking Matters

Can’t we get rid of fracking?

Groundwater Protection

How do you ensure that drinking water is protected during fracking?

Hydraulic Fracturing

What is hydraulic fracturing and is it safe?

Exceptional Qualities of Oil and Gas

Why do we still rely so much on oil and gas? Aren’t there alternatives?