About Us

Chevron Advocacy Network

Here at Chevron, employees, retirees, suppliers and business partners, and friends and families recognize that reliable, affordable energy is the lifeblood for a healthy economy. The Chevron Advocacy Network leverages the power of our collective voices and experiences in support of smart energy policies. It empowers members to speak up about the fundamental benefits of oil and natural gas in their communities and on social media to inform public opinion and positively impact policy.

Through the Chevron Advocacy Network website, members have access to resources and fact-based information that can be shared with family, friends and decision makers. Customized dashboards provide members with information about their government representatives, including photos, bios, and contact information. When a key issue arises at the county, state or federal level, members will be alerted about the actions they can take to make a difference.

In today’s world, advocacy can no longer be left up to a few. We have a great story to tell and, as a network of experienced and informed citizens, we can promote a vision for a stronger, more secure energy future for America.

Why should I join the Chevron Advocacy Network?

The oil and natural gas industry needs all of its supporters to speak up on the issues that matter. The Chevron Advocacy Network (CAN) was created to inform and amplify the voices of industry supporters (including Chevron employees, retirees and others). Our goal is to help CAN members feel knowledgeable and informed speaking about industry issues with their family and friends, as well as equip them to be involved in the public policy process and share their perspectives as members of the oil and natural gas industry. You should join the Chevron Advocacy Network if you believe in the contributions that the industry makes and are interested in learning more about the issues affecting oil and natural gas development.

Who can join the Chevron Advocacy Network?

Chevron employees, retirees, vendors, suppliers, business partners and all other supporters of our industry are encouraged to join CAN.

Can my family or friends join the Chevron Advocacy Network?

Yes! Family and friends are welcome to join. You can refer CAN to family or friends by using the share bar, located on the left side of every site page.

What are the benefits of joining the Chevron Advocacy Network?

As a member of CAN, you will receive informational emails about key issues relating to oil and natural gas development that can help you in your conversations with family and friends. You will also get alerts about key legislation, regulations or electoral issues and have the opportunity to take action on behalf of our company and industry.

What will be asked of me as part of the Chevron Advocacy Network?

Any participation in advocacy efforts is always voluntary. Depending on the issue, there may be a variety of ways you can choose to engage including:

  • Sharing information with friends and neighbors
  • Communicating with public officials through emails and phone calls
  • Attending a public meeting or town hall event in your community

If I am a Chevron employee, will I be able to participate in advocacy activities during work hours?

There may be opportunities to participate in advocacy activities during work hours; however, this will only be permitted if the proper approvals and procedures are in place. CAN membership is strictly voluntary. Members will not be paid for their activities.

How often will I receive communications?

There is no standard frequency for communications, as it will depend on specific issues and policy activities taking place at any given time. On average we expect to send communications at least once a month, but this may be adjusted depending on your preferences and level of engagement.

What types of tools or resources are available to members of the Chevron Advocacy Network?

The CAN website is intended to serve as your communications hub for advocacy efforts. The website currently has multiple resources available to learn and engage, including infographics and videos to help explain key issues, and a tool for looking up your local legislators. Opportunities to get involved and take action will also be prominently featured on the website.

What types of energy policies does the Chevron Advocacy Network stand for?

We support energy policies that create jobs, increase energy security and reliability, strengthen our economy and advance efforts to secure America’s energy future. This includes policies related to:

  • Increased responsible development of domestic energy resources
  • A balanced regulatory agenda
  • A pro-investment fiscal policy

Are members of the Chevron Advocacy Network “lobbyists”?

No. Advocacy Network members are concerned citizens united by their interest in influencing energy policies for a safe and secure energy future. Membership is strictly voluntary. Members will not be paid for their activities, nor should they conduct any advocacy activities during work hours unless proper approvals and procedures are in place. Chevron discloses its direct and indirect lobbying efforts to the full extent required by applicable lobbying laws.

Do our legislators really listen to us? Can I make a difference by joining the Chevron Advocacy Network?

Absolutely. Legislators do listen to their constituents and there is strength in numbers. Together, our voices can help legislators better understand the issues and really influence their decisions.

Who at Chevron is responsible for this program?

The Chevron Advocacy Network is managed by Chevron’s Stakeholder Advocacy Team. You can contact the Chevron Advocacy Network via the Contact Us page.